3 Essential Traits that Successful Gamblers Share

Like most things in life, there always seem to be patterns. As they say, people are programmed to recognize patterns. Just like fractals in nature and in our bodies, habits of effective people, and even your opponent’s tells in a game.

We took this thinking and applied it to successful gamblers to see the pattern in their behavior that makes them so successful.

Here are three essential traits that successful gamblers share.


This trait goes beyond gambling. Every successful person needs to have the patience to keep hanging on through the bad times and recognize when the best time to hit is. It is no different in gambling.

In gambling, there is much waiting when the hand is not in your favor for example. This is part of the game. The worst that could happen though is if you lose your cool. Chances are that if you do this, you’ll probably end up going home a bit early that night.

Read the game and strike when the opportunity presents itself.

This patience also applies outside of the game. A successful gambler must be patience enough to learn every facet of the game, as well as practice. It takes a lot of patient to lose a lot of times only to come out of the other side of the dark tunnel to a feel-good win.


No matter what game you are playing, when you face competition you have to be ready to adapt. Games or rules can constantly change. Players can pressure and edge you out with their own strategies. However, if you are knowledgeable enough, you may just outsmart them at it.

Adaptability often comes with time and experience. Through your countless tries, you learn the ins and outs of the game. All of this knowledge will help you adapt later on.


Unless you are a virtuoso rain man-like savant, chances are you’ll have to practice. It pays to have an attitude of constant self-improvement. With it, it will feel like nothing is out of your grasp.

As much as possible, self-improvement should be approached with enthusiasm and diligence, even when you don’t want to do it.

Doing so will result in quality improvements.

These are only a few traits that successful gamblers share. Having these three core traits though are key to finding the others out.


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