Book List

At Amon Game, we encourage the growth of the competitor. Apart from sheer practice and knowledge on the game, a good path towards improvement is through reading books. It is also just an enjoyable portal into some thrilling events that happen through gambling competition.

Here are two books you should read as a gambler.

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King by Michael Craig

This book is an enjoyable account of billionaire Andrew Beal’s high stakes poker games. It focuses on one specific game dubbed “the richest poker game of all time” where players pool a pot of millions.

The book talks about the strategies, secrets, partnerships and accounts of this expensive game. It is a real-life account told in the style of an adventure story that will open your eyes to times and places that only a select few were able to witness.

People say, “ball is life.” If for you gambling is life, then this page-turner is for you.

Scarne’s Compelte Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

John Scarne was an expert magician who was also very much interested in gambling. As you can imagine, his magician skills really translated well to gambling. In a way, it gave him a different point of view to gambling. And it was one he gladly shared with everyone.

This book is a dictionary for gambling terms, games, and rules. However, it is also a fountainhead for uncommon wisdom such as odds, percentages, strategy, and even ways to detect and use cheating when gambling!

It is no mystery why he was hailed as an authority in gambling when Scarne passed. This book is his legacy and a must-have for gamblers who are looking to consistently win.

These are just two great books among many great gambling books. Others include Al Alvarez’s The Biggest Game in Town, Greg Elder’s Gamblers Fight Back, and Mike Shackleford’s Gambling 102.

Who knows? If you keep reading, you might find some interesting tips that could take your playing to the next level.